Deliberate Living - 

Living in such a way that is unhurried in action, making decisions with full consciousness of their nature and effects, considering carefully and slowly all possible alternatives. To live with intent.

A Life Well Chosen, LLC, is an entrepreneurial partnership dedicated to helping those around us lead deliberate lives. Our goal is to assist our partners, friends and colleagues to break out of the 9-5 rat race and build an intentional life. One that isn't built around commitments to building other people's dreams or adhering to someone else's clock.

It's about curating our future.  Planning, through deliberate choice and action today, for the future that we have already crafted in our minds.

It is about slowing down, and thinking about and paying attention to the important things:

  • How you are spending your time;
  • How are you curating your future?
  • What you are purchasing;
  • How you are caring for your body (food, exercise, health);
  • How you are nurturing your mind;
  • How you are caring for your soul/spirituality; and, most importantly,
  • How you are caring for the relationships with those you love.

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